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Week 8 NFL Picks

October 31, 2009

Due to the startup date of this site, it’s been impossible to get NFL picks up until this point in time, which means that at this point of the season, I am  still undefeated with my picks. Because of that convenient fact,  I’ve been putting off writing this for as long as I can: I didn’t want to ruin something so wonderful.  With my World Series picks going down the crapper, I needed something to hold on to, but I couldn’t put it off forever… damn. (more…)


Pacers-Heat… What to Watch

October 30, 2009

For all of you not lucky enough to get Fox Sports Indianapolis (or NBA League Pass), allow me to guide you through how the Pacers can beat Dwyane Wade and the Heat. It comes down to these four simple points: (more…)

A.J. Burnett is my daddy….

October 30, 2009

Okay, okay, so thanks to A.J. Burnett,  I was wrong about Game 2.…. Very, very wrong.  But I have to admit something I never thought I would: I’m okay with being wrong….. as long as it leads to some amazing baseball. (more…)

New York, New York, my kind of town

October 29, 2009

A Game 1 victory by the Philadelphia Phillies was not a total surprise. The manner in which they took that step, however, was impressive.

On a night where fifty thousand fans, CC Sabathia, and a loaded Yankee’s lineup were the star attractions,  Cliff Lee and the  Philadelphia Phillies kept their cool and shocked the New Yorkers with a 6-1 victory that can best be described as dominant. (more…)

Pacer Postgame (ATL 120, IND 109)

October 28, 2009

Wanted to throw out some thoughts after the first Pacers’ game of the year in Atlanta:

1. This is a young team.

The average age of this team is 26.1, which was evident as the Pacers committed 25 turnovers in Atlanta tonight. You have to expect mistakes from a young team, particularly against a team that puts a ton of pressure on the ball like the Hawks do. But if you are going to be a good team, that turnover number needs to be cut in half. (more…)

Quick NBA Thoughts

October 28, 2009

Day 2 of the NBA Season, and I wanted to mention some quick thoughts.


First, we saw last night the Cavaliers inability once again to defend athletic forwards who can stretch the floor. I predicted this would happen just yesterday. (more…)

What to expect from the Fall Classic

October 28, 2009

They say that sports can heal all wounds, cross racial lines, and even  re-unite families. However, can mutual love of sports ever unite bitter rivals? I am a White Sox fan, I was born a Sox fan, I’ll die a Sox fan. My friend Jake was not so lucky….. he’s a Cubs fan. Poor bastard…. So when it came time to write a World Series preview, we had to go with experience over beauty.  And as the only one to experience a championship season…. well, I think I have the right to this one.

All right, let’s get this started… (more…)

Six Things about this Upcoming NBA Season

October 27, 2009

I am from Indiana. I live, think, and breathe basketball. I have spent the better part of five years in a severe basketball depression, following the Malice in the Palace resulting in the half-gutting of my beloved Pacers and the career killing of my last basketball hero, Reggie Miller. As it were, I had all but written off the National Basketball Association. It was clear that Larry Bird was going with the all-character squad, which culminated with the legitimate possibility for the first all-white starting line-up since 1950. The Pacers’ year-by-year win total since Detroit’s fans ruined my life and we went squeaky clean: 44 (year it happened), 41, 35, 35, 36. Absolutely mediocre. And since we weren’t completely terrible, we have had picks in the 10-17 range consistently and haven’t been able to pick up a real player to help out Danny Granger, perfectly illustrated by this year’s wonderful selection of Tyler Hansbrough (more on that later).

Why am I telling you this? Because I love basketball. And we are coming upon the single best part of the year: basketball season. So what should we expect? I can think of 6 things:

1. Shaq in Cleveland will not work out well.