Quick NBA Thoughts


Day 2 of the NBA Season, and I wanted to mention some quick thoughts.


First, we saw last night the Cavaliers inability once again to defend athletic forwards who can stretch the floor. I predicted this would happen just yesterday. Expect them to have problems with the Raptors starting front line of  Chris Bosh, Hedo Turkoglu, and Andrea Bargnani, but still win the game handily. 

I was upset with myself for not pointing out two other key points on why the Cavaliers will not win the Championship (and ultimately why LeBron will leave this summer). First, they still have no one that can carry the offense when James is sitting on the bench. We saw the Celtics go on a huge run to tie the game as soon as James was given a rest. How dumb of me to forget! Their best option from last year (Delonte West) didn’t play due to personal issues, and Mike Brown refused to play their only other viable option, Shaq, during these times. Let’s see if Coach Mike makes an adjustment tonight, or if he just decides to play LeBron way too much in November again. 

The second problem the LeBrons struggled with again last night (just like in the playoffs last year) was their stagnant, LeBron vs. all five defenders offensive mentality (Bill Simmons brought this blatantly obvious point up on his Twitter page last night). If you have a chance, watch the Cavaliers game tonight. Specifically, watch the middle of the 2nd and 3rd quarters. You’ll see the same thing. LeBron catches the ball at the top of the key, holds it, then tries to go 1-on-5 while the rest of his teammates stand and watch. No ball movement, no screening, no motion. They look like the Pacers circa 2003, when Indiana would throw the ball to Jermaine O’Neil, then stand and watch. And the stand and watch approach never works in basketball. Ever.

As for the rest of the league…

I don’t know that Dallas is going to be a good team. A good team doesn’t let Gilbert Arenas go off for 29 points and 9 dimes in your home opener. And you certainly don’t let Andray Blatche (20 points, 7 rebounds) look like Bill Walton.

Snooze-fest game of the night: Pistons @ Grizzlies. Unless Allen Iverson punches out Joe Dumars. Then I vote for Nets @ T-Wolves.

Game of the night: 76ers @ Magic. How will Elton Brand’s achilles hold up? How will Vince Carter fit during the regular season? How much will the Sixers miss Andre Miller? Definitely the game I’m watching.

My picks to win tonight (Home teams in italics): Hawks, Magic, Cavaliers, Celtics, Knicks, Nets, Spurs, Zombie-Sonics, Grizzlies, Nuggets, Rockets, and Suns.

As always, enjoy your night, and root against the Yankees.


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