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Week 10 NFL picks

November 13, 2009


I’m excited for this week in the NFL. I really am. Sure, the Bears suck, and they’ll probably lose another game to a team with less talent and better coaching. But we get to see some of the best matchups that we’ll see all season. We’ve got Cincy/Pittsburgh, Green Bay/Dallas, San Diego/Philly, Indy/New England, and Andy Reid/Norv Turner (in the matchup for “worst coach of a good team that will always lose in the playoffs”). All in all a very exciting week. (more…)


Confused by Mediocrity… week 9 NFL picks.

November 7, 2009

So, I officially can’t figure out the middle class of this year’s NFL season.

There are some teams on the top (New Orleans, Indianapolis, Minnesota, New England) and the bottom (Washington, Tampa Bay, Detroit, St. Louis, Oakland, Kansas City) that are very easily defined. You can watch five minutes of their game on Sunday and think to yourself… “wow, these guys really suck, I’m watching “the Hills” for the next two hours, or you can think, “dammit, the Saints are playing? Oh well, I’ll watch my DVR’d South Park  episodes later on”.  My point is this: these teams are easy to figure out and  by this point in the season, what you see is what you get. Period.  What isn’t so easy to figure out is how freaking inconsistent the middle class in this league is. (more…)

Fight Night round 1

November 3, 2009

With all of the bean balls thrown in this year’s World Series, you would think that we would have had at least one bench clearing brawl at this point. I mean, really, do the Yankee players dislike Alex Rodriguez that much? He’s been hit harder than Dustin Diamond on Celebrity Boxing so far this series and never has a teammate backed him up, either with some chin music (hitting Victorino on the hand doesn’t count) or at least a few shouted words across the field. My point is this: there’s no way you can let one of your best players get beaned over and over without some sort of retribution; eventually you have to stand up and protect your teammates. (more…)

Game 5 Diary: The Roller Coaster

November 3, 2009

So I realized a little too late (7:57 p.m. to be exact) that a Game 5 preview would be a little ridiculous. Instead, I committed myself to a running diary of a game that brought back terrifying flashbacks for all Cubs fans. Here’s what transpired:  (more…)

World Series Picks: Ballgames, Batteries, and Brawls?

November 1, 2009

As we press on with the 2009 “Fall/Winter Classic,” I cannot help but think that it is Bud Selig’s secret plan to extend the baseball season as long as possible in order to slowly kill all Cubs fans. Yes, it’s November. Yes, it has been nearly an entire month since my beloved North-Siders have played a baseball game. (Speaking of the North-Siders, new owner Tom Ricketts and family hope to bring a World Series title to the real team of Chicago next year. What a revolutionary. Glad to have such vision in our front office for once. You know, because we haven’t been trying to do that for the last 100 “next years.”) (more…)