Bienvenidos a Miami…


Thank you Will Smith for all of my inspiration this week…. no, not that Will Smith, this one. Despite the rain, I

personally don’t see any reason to have the Super Bowl anywhere other than Florida. It’s warm, there are hot girls

everywhere, and have I mentioned that it’s warm? Listen, I love Indiana as much as anyone, but is it really the place

you wanna go in the middle of February? Me neither. With that said, I wish I was in Miami, but since I”m not, I’ll talk

about people who are. 

I am living in my own personal hell. I know, that sounds melodramatic, but for a Bears fan who hates the Colts

more than any team in all of sports, and is annoyed by bandwagon jumping fans of any team, Indiana is not the place

to be  right now. The only thing worse than the foot of snow outside is having to listen to fans have legitimate

This guy thinks Peyton's better than Brady too.

conversations in which they list Peyton Manning as not only the greatest quarterback of all time, but possibly the

greatest player of all time. Obviously, I have a lot of problems with those statements. When you talk about the

greatest players of all time, the list starts with Jerry Rice or Jim Brown and goes on from there: Peyton


doesn’t even enter in to the discussion. The one discussion he does enter into is the greatest quarterback of all

time debate, so without further Adu, my top-5 quarterbacks of all time:

1. Joe Montana: San Fransisco 49ers/Kansas City Chiefs (1979-1995):
No, Montana doesn’t have the stats that some of the other top QB’s have, but as we all know, stats don’t tell the

whole story (see Marino, Dan; Smith, Emmitt). Like in other sports, When you put up the numbers you do is just

Yeah.... He did that a lot..


important as the numbers themselves. We respect pitchers from the 1990’s a little bit more than other eras, and we

value NBA stats from the last 10 years a whole lot less than we do those from the late 80’s and early 90’s. With

that said, the 1980’s was the most competitive decade in the history of the NFL. Gone were the plodding wide

receivers and slow linebackers. In were the fast, big linebackers and the athletic wide receivers. What caused this

switch? It could be several things, but it really comes down to one thing… um… how do I say this…. less white guys.

This is a very good thing! The influx of athletes led to a physical, intense brand of football

that hadn’t been played before.

So, what do we know so far. Okay, Joe Montana played in the toughest era in football, was the unquestioned best

player in the league, won 4 Super Bowls, won 2 MVP awards, and singlehandedly killed the Bengals, Bears, and Browns

franchises. Oh yeah, he also had 31 come from behind wins and is known as the single most clutch player outside of

Michael Jordan in all of sports.
Career Stats: 40,000+ yards, 273 TD’s, 92.3 career quarterback rating, 4 Super Bowl rings.

2. Johnny Unitas: Indianapoli…er….Baltimore Colts/San Diego Chargers (1956-1973):

This is another guy whose stats really don’t do him justice. Yeah, the 10 pro-bowl appearances, 47 game TD streak,

3 MVP awards, 118 career wins (6th all time) and multiple All-Decade team honors all look good, but Unitas’ legacy

often gets tainted because of his 250 interceptions and his low passer rating, but similarly to how Peyton

Manning’s numbers get inflated because of new rules allowing no contact on defense, Unitas’ numbers were knocked

down by a league that didn’t call pass interference or defensive penalties on passing plays. If we put him in a

modern league with the new rules, we’re talking 350 touchdowns easy, with the same number of INT’s. Like Montana,

Unitas was the unquestioned best quarterback for his era, and also, like Montana, he was a winner (6-2 career

playoff record). Only Joe Namath and Vince Lombardi kept him from winning at least 4 Super Bowls.
Career Stats: 40,000+ yards, 290 TD’s, 10 Pro-Bowls, 5 All-Pro Teams, Top-10 in all major passing categories every

year of his career.

3. Brett Favre: Atlanta Falcons/Green Bay Packers/New York Jets/Minnesota Vikings/ ?  (1992-Present):
I have to be honest with you, this isn’t easy for me to say, but I’m gonna try. I hate Brett Favre. I know, it’s a

shock to everyone, but I just can’t help it. As a lifelong Bears fan, I grew up hating him more than anyone outside

of Roger Clemens and Satan. The last 5 years did nothing to curb my hatred, as I felt he was past his prime, phony,

and a little bit of an attention whore. However, d-bag that he is, he is one of the best players in the history of

the NFL, and even I can’t deny that. Damn it all.

He is the career leader in every major passing category (including interceptions), the only player to win 3

straight MVP awards, 11 time pro-bowler, and 6 time All-Pro team. Wow. He literally re-wrote the record book, and

that’s not even the most incredibly thing about him. Since 1992, Favre has not missed a start, and has failed to

finish only 6 games. In 2009, he broke Jim Marshall’s record for consecutive starts at any position. During that

stretch of time, there have been 212 different starting quarterbacks in the league (212?!??!)  12 of whom were his backup


one point. Over 18 years, nothing kept him out of the game, not the death of his father, or his wife’s cancer, or

even retirement (sorry, had to take that cheap shot), and as much as I dislike the man, his performance against the

Raiders the week after  his father’s death is one of the greatest performances of all time. The only thing keeping

him from the top spot is his shoddy playoff record and lack of multiple championships. Oh yeah, and he played for

the Packers.
Career Stats: 69,000+ yards, 497 TD’s, 3 MVP awards, 11 Pro-Bowl selections.

4. Tom Brady: New England Patriots (2000-Present):

Now it’s time for my favorite part of the article: I get to piss off all of the Colts fans by putting Tom Brady

ahead of Peyton Manning on this list. I can almost hear them now: but Manning has better career numbers, the Colts

have the most wins this decade, bitch bitch bitch, moan moan moan. At the end of the day, what matters most on this

list is one thing: winning; and Tom Brady has done that better than anyone outside of Joe Montana. His career

record is 111-34, which includes a 14-4 playoff record. He holds every major playoffs passing record, and he’s

Ladies and Gentleman: Mrs. Tom Brady.

managed to do everything on a team that up until 2007 had a total of zero elite receivers. While Peyton Manning was

throwing passes to Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison, Brady was dumping it off to Kevin Faulk, David Givens and

Deion Branch. This is like the Barry Sanders/Emmitt Smith debate all over again. Manning may have the better

numbers, but nobody did more with less than Brady and the Patriots did. Oh yeah, they also won 3 Super Bowl titles

in 4 years. One word: Dynasty.
Career Stats: 21 4th quarter comebacks, 29 game winning drives, 2-time Super Bowl MVP, 30,000+ yards, 225 TD’s,

99.3 career passer rating, most hot supermodels in a 2 year stretch (4).

5. Peyton Manning: Indianapolis Colts (1998-present):
It’s really hard for me to write any of this in an unbiased fashion, but I’m gonna make an effort. It’s hard to

believe that one upon a time it was a tough decision between Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf. Colts fans, you may now

take a deep deep sigh of relief. When it comes to sheer numbers, Peyton Manning is the greatest player on this

Colts fans, you may now breathe again

list, and by the time his career is done, he probably will top most all-time lists. However, for the majority of

his career, Manning  made quick work of his opponents during the regular season, only to falter in the playoffs

every year. This all changed in 2006 when the Colts made the biggest comeback in ACF Championship history and

advanced to the Super Bowl for the first time in Indianapolis franchise history. Once there, Dominic Rhodes and the

defense carried the Colts to the win over my beloved Bears with a little help from Rex Grossman, and ever since

then, Manning has become the most clutch player in all of sports. Damn. The only thing keeping him from being

higher up on this list is a lack of Super Bowl rings, which he could remedy in about 30 hours. What’s that you say?

Manning and Favre are practically the same player? That’s right, you figured it out. Manning is the evolutionary

Brett Favre, and there’s nothing wrong with that; unless you’re competing with the evolutionary Joe Montana (Brady)
Career Stats: 50,000+ yards, 366 TD’s, 4 MVP awards, 9 Pro-Bowls, 5 1st team All-Pro, 95.2 career passer rating.

Now, this entire list could get thrown off if the Colts win against the Saints tomorrow night, but that’s not gonna

happen. You can read Zach’s blog for a full breakdown of the matchup, but for the sake of time, I’ll just give a

short rundown, Dr. Zach style:

Jim Caldwell v. Raccoon City & Sean Payton: That’s right, Jim Caldwell is a zombie. I’ve only seen him smile twice,

and he’s more uncomfortable in his interviews than anyone since Leon Spinks. With that said, he’s done a great job

Run Jim, Run!!

of keeping this team focused in a season full of injuries and distracting subplots. However, Payton is one of the

best motivators in all of sports, and is an offensive genius of the highest degree. So while Caldwell could spread

the T-virus throughout the city, I trust Payton more when it comes to coaching. Plus, he played quarterback for Da

Bears during the strike of 1987.
Edge: Saints

Manning v. Brees: This matchup is a whole lot closer than people would think at first glance. Yes, Peyton is one of

the greatest of all time, but nobody does a better job of putting the ball in the perfect spot to the right

receiver on a consistent basis than Brees. Watching him run an offense reminds me of Magic Johnson running the

Lakers: pinpoint accuracy and brilliant decisions every time. With that said, there’s a full 200 words right above

this that say Manning is the better choice. For now.
Slight Edge: Colts

Running Game:
Thomas/Bush v. Addai/Brown: One of the underrated mistakes made by the Colts that no one talks about is their draft

history with running backs as of late. First, they took Joseph Addai over Maurice Jones-Drew in 2006, and this time

they took Donald Brown over Shonn Greene. Can you imagine the Colts offense the last 3 years with Jones-Drew

involved? Holy hell, that would have been terrifying. Also, do you think the offense would have been ranked 32nd in

rushing with Shonn Greene in the backfield? No! As good as Bill Pollian is, there’s no question in my mind that he

is also the luckiest person in the league when it comes to the draft. With that said, Pierre Thomas might actually

be good, and Reggie Bush has the potential to change the game more than anyone on the field. I see Bush breaking at

least one big play, and there’s no way to quanitfy the impact he makes on the passing game.
Major Edge: Saints

Passing Game:
Garcon/Wayne/Collie/Clark v Henderson/Colston/Meachem/Shockey: This is the closest matchup on the board. The Saints

wideouts are more N’ Sync with Brees than anyone in the league, but Garcon and Collie have been playing out of

their minds of late, and Dallas Clark is the best tight end in football, hands down. Also, it’s really hard to

quantify the Haitian Factor in this game. Pierre Garcon makes it almost plausible to root for the Colts every once

in a while, because you can’t cheer agains Haiti.
Slight Edge: Colts

No one suspects the Haitian Inquisition!

While the Colts defense was ranked higher than the Saint’s, numbers don’t tell the whole story. Like I said last

week, the Saints were second in the league when it came to forcing turnovers, and got to the quarterback much

better than they were given credit for. However, the Colts do have a top-10 defense with one of the most solid

front seven’s in the league. If Freeney can be at all effective, this defense could get pressure on Brees and

change the game.
Slight Edge: Colts

After all of the comparisons, this entire game comes down to the play of the lines. Whichever team’s defensive line

can make the biggest impact will win this game, and I like the saints offensive line better when it comes to

controlling the opponents, so I agree with Zach, Tony Dungy will be wrong:
Saints 37 Colts 35.

Coming Soon: Greatest WR of all time and some interesting NFL related products I’d like to see.


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