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Life + Fantasy = Football

August 19, 2011

Sometimes, fantasy is better than reality. Other times, fantasy is just weird. And then, there are those times in life where fantasy actually helps to augment the real world experience. We like to call these times “Fantasy Football.” (more…)


The Best and Worst of Chicago… What’s Wrong With The Cubs

August 19, 2011

If you can't even make a McDonald's Start, perhaps retirement is best.

Recently, I’ve decided that I need to see a few more baseball parks throughout the country. While I love Wrigley, I feel like I owe it to myself as a sports fan to branch out and become more well-rounded (I swear that makes sense in my head). Since I’m never going to sit through a baseball game that doesn’t include the Cubs, I decided to take a trip to St. Louis to watch my North-Siders battle our bitter rivals.  (more…)

Welcome Back…

August 19, 2011

Finally…. the lazy writers of this blog have come back… to this blog! (more…)

I’m ready for some (NFL) football.

August 17, 2011

I’ll admit it: I was all ready to devote myself to watching  college football and spending time with my family to fill my

Welcome back NFL!!

weekends this fall. So needless to say: thank God they resolved this lockout! Of course there is no silver lining without any clouds, and while I am excited about the start of football, I am not excited about the start of this Packer dynasty. All-world quarterback, four quality receivers and a young, fast defense? Shoot me now. So without further Adu, let’s get this season under way: