Welcome Back…


Finally…. the lazy writers of this blog have come back… to this blog!

The Rock is excited to start this blog again

Well, that wasn’t quite as exciting as The Rock’s entrance into a WWE ring, but I’m excited nonetheless. Finally, after two long, boring years, we have decided to once again try to make this a fun, entertaining and frequently updated blog.  I’m sure all six of you readers are excited.

Before I get too far into this, I feel that I need to explain who I am, and what this place is. You see, I am a sports nut. I love all sports. Reds (the other sarcastic author of this blog) loves sports, too. However, we are continually are at each other’s throats because none of our favorite teams match up. I love the Cubs, Pacers, and Colts. He somehow has learned to root for the White Sox, Bulls, and Bears (sad, yes? I feel bad for him). Thus, we decided to start this sports blog, to write about all things sports, and occasionally poke fun at each other. Sounds pretty good, right? We think so, too.

So I hope you enjoy our site. I hope you find our posts interesting, occasionally humorous and possibly informative. Some days, this site is a place for us to really bring some important information to everyone’s attention. Other times, it’s just a bunch of hot air coming from two guys who probably care too much about sports and pretend to know way to much about them too.

All things are on the table here. I watch literally all sports (even gymnastics, if that even is a “sport,” which I’ll probably delve into at one point), so there could be a post about literally anything.

So, with that said, enjoy! You can even read our initial posts from two years ago if you want. Feel free to make fun of us in the comment section too. Now, time for the match… er… writing… to begin.


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