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Papa Johns, Budweiser and Legacy: what Super Bowl 50 really means from a big picture standpoint.

February 9, 2016

Like most fans, I love the postseason. For me, it doesn’t matter what sport it is; when the bad teams stop playing, I care a lot more. Since the White Sox and Bears are garbage, the only joy I can derive from the baseball and football seasons is the pleasure of watching functional organizations compete for titles. Unfortunately, both the baseball and the football playoffs drove me absolutely insane. 

First we had the idiocy of the baseball playoffs with announcers and writers trying to shape the narrative to be about the Royals winning by ignoring analytics (despite all evidence to the contrary), the obscene levels of outrage over Jose Bautista’s epic batflip and the gaggle of new Cubs  and Mets fans that started popping up as their teams became relevant for the first time in a decade.  Then the NFL season came and went, along with discussions of concussions, a variety of “Gates” and a reminder that I should never try to predict things ever again. After all that fun, we moved into the postseason and were treated to racial debates, conversations about “dabbing” and one large-headed quarterback and his farewell tour.

Other than reminding me just how out of touch and super white I am, the playoffs showed once again how important perception and legacy are to players; especially the ones playing the quarterback position. Both Peyton Manning and Cam Newton added significant chapters to their stories on Sunday night. The real trick is figuring out how we’ll look at this 5 or 10 years from now. (more…)